We are open!

A negative COVID test and registration with the USVI Travel Portal is required to travel to the USVI. Please check the Department of Health website for details.(www.doh.vi.gov). Get your green QR code!!

We are located on St.Thomas in the USVI- the U.S. stands for United States. St. Thomas is not a foreign port. A negative COVID test is NOT required flying back to the States UNLESS your particular state of residence requires one.

The VI still has a mask mandate in place. 

Air travel lately has been challenging and cancelled flights have been disrupting vacations. A lot. PLEASE PURCHASE TRIP INSURANCE. We will not refund for flight cancellations, so sorry! Insurance will cover that stuff.

Our Hotel is no longer listed on the Booking.com sites. They are in a time-out. You can book right here or on any of the Expedia booking engines/sites. Easy-peasy.

We hope to see you soon!

Eddie and Candy